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Thank you for visiting the Baton Rouge Orchid Society (BROS). We hope that you find the information both interesting and useful. Our mission is to provide information on orchid cultivation and conservation by a network of enthusiasts. 

Did You Know?

Orchid leaves should gracefully slope. The leaves tend to fold and roll when they are not getting adequate sunlight. Examples of leaf folding are most evident in the "grassier" leaved orchids, like Oncidiums.


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June's Meeting Recap

While our attendance was smaller than expected, we did welcome several new members to BROS. We are all looking forward to the BROS show and sale from July 7 & 8 (BROS work sessions) and July 9 and 10 open to public.

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The Baton Rouge Orchid Society Proudly Presents
Backyard Orchids

2022 Orchid Show and Sale

July 9-10  |  LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden Conference Center  |  
4560 Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA

Click Here for More Details

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Next Month's Meeting

The BROS July meeting will be on July 20 at 7PM in the Burden Conference Center, a mere few days after the Baton Rouge Orchid Society's year premiere event, Backyard Orchids: 2022 Orchid Show and Sale.

This meeting is a must for incoming new members who would like to learn more about how to keep their favorite plants alive and thriving! In this Orchids 101 meeting, our local orchid enthusiasts will discuss tips and tricks for proper orchid care. We hope to see you there!

About us

We are hobby orchid growers with members ranging from novices to experienced growers.

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You can become a member of the Baton Rouge Orchid Society for only $20 (Single Membership) or $30 (Joint Membership) per year.

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