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Thank you for visiting the Baton Rouge Orchid Society (BROS). We hope that you find the information both interesting and useful. Our mission is to provide information on orchid cultivation and conservation by a network of enthusiasts. 

Did You Know?

The Orchid Conservatory did experience some loss during the 2022 December freeze but only a few plants were lost.  We have over a 1000 plants.  Be sure to volunteer to help keep the Conservatory beautiful.


Our News has a new home! Click the link below to see all past Meeting Recaps and BROS News.

Also see the revised Bylaws on the News page.

Orchid Chat

Do you have orchid questions? The community is here to answer. All members may submit chat topics. Not a member? Join Us. 

BROS January Meeting 1/18/23

This month one of BROS's long time members, Bob Danka, will be giving information about Orchid Pests. 

In future months we will have programs on Seedlings, Orchid Care and in July after our BROS Show we will again have an Orchids 101 for those individuals who purchased orchids an now want to know more about culture and taking care of thier purchase. 

December Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas party in early December and was well attended.  Thank you to Jeanette Foster who worked tirelessly to make it a wonderful meal event.  We had an interesting discussion about plants on the plant table and missed all of you that could not attend.

About us

We are hobby orchid growers with members ranging from novices to experienced growers.

Contact us

For questions and more information, please reach out to:


You can become a member of the Baton Rouge Orchid Society for only $20 (Single Membership) or $30 (Joint Membership) per year.

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